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About me

I am studying to become a holistic health counselor and hope to soon earn a personal training certificate to go along with my Drugless Health Practitioner certificate earned at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  

I grew up playing soccer, street hockey, softball, and anything else my sisters and the neighborhood kids could come up with.  I lived about 3 miles from the ocean in sunny southern California.  Every summer I would almost daily board a beach bound bus that would take about a hour to travel the 3 miles.  It was worth every second of travel time to be near the healing waters of the ocean as much as possible.

After high school I earned a cosmetology license and toiled with that for a period of time while also serving tables at various restaurants.  I eventually came to the conclusion that the hairstyling business was not for me and moved to LA to work at a high end restaurant to figure out what I really wanted to be when I grew up.  Nothing inspired me there so I decided to move a little bit further north to Salt Lake City.  It is here that I found my calling in life.  To help others find a happy healthy balance in everyday life. As amazing as this town is and as many great people I have been privileged to meet I do believe it is time for me to get back to the ocean.  Not one hundred percent sure where yet but I do have a few places in mind and will probably do a big reveal on the decision within a couple of months.   Stay tuned….


Just signed up for my FIRST marathon!!!

I grew up very active playing various sports, soccer being the primary one, playing since I was 4, but long distance running had always been extremely difficult for me to get into.  I remember trying to train in the off season by running around my neighborhood.  I can remember starting out by running around 4 blocks of streets, roughly a quarter of a mile, and having my body completely shut down.  I couldn’t catch my breath, my vision started to blur. Going through this made me have very negative thoughts about recreational running.  If I wasn’t chasing something, like a ball, or being chased, then there was no way you would ever find me running.

About 5 or 6 years ago, at around the age of 24, I went through a period of time when there was absolutely no active exercise in my daily schedule whatsoever.  I noticed big differences in my body image and my emotional stability.  Somewhere around this time I was grumbling to a close friend about how unhealthy and unhappy I was.  She was/is an avid runner and said if I signed up for a 1/2 marathon the training and completion of it would change my life forever.  That it did!! I am forever hooked on running and ever since then I have not gone a week (notice I say week and not day) without running.  It has been a goal of mine to complete a full marathon ever since.  I have participated in other 1/2 marathons and relay races but have yet to complete a FULL marathon.  About 3 years ago I signed up for the LA marathon while living in Venice Beach and even lured in about 10 friends to run it with me but didn’t get to the starting line.  I allowed personal problems to get in the way of my training and was not fully prepared come race day.  I got a big slice of humble pie watching all my friends start and cross the finish line. I promised myself I would complete a marathon within the next 5 years.

And here it is!!  The Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon.  December 2, 2012.  I can’t wait!!!!  Training starts in a little less than a month.  I will take you on my journey and update you on the training process.  I will be using this site to train.  Here’s a video compliments of the marathon’s site to Pump. You. Up!

About Eat Live Run Nutrition

Growing up with a diabetic dad and having a sister diagnosed with Celiac in her early 20s, I have always been intrigued by how one person’s food can be another person’s poison.

I can remember as a child getting ready to go see the new superman movie at the drive-in when my dad’s sugar levels dropped so low he had to rush to the hospital. This was the first time I was exposed to the horrors of my dad not eating a proper diet to keep him healthy.

In my sister’s 3rd year at college she began having stomach pains so horrible she, as well, had to rush to the hospital.  The doctors thought she had an ulcer and told her to eat as much bread as she could to soak it up.  Test came back with information that the remedies they were giving her were, in fact, the exact opposite of what she needed, which was to stay away from gluten.

How can one person eat a snickers candy bar and have absolutely no side effects when another can be sent into a diabetic shock?  How can one person eat wheat based food all day long everyday and never get sick when another person would be a slave to the porcelain bowl all night long after having one slice of bread?  Why?  Because we are all biochemically different and therefor one person’s food can be another person’s poison.

Because I was exposed to this at such a young age, and basically throughout my whole life, I feel that a path was laid for me to study nutrition and hopefully help others that are just like my dad and sister who have nutrition based illnesses to be healthy and not held captive to rely on medicine or a strict diet to be healthy.  Thus, EatLiveRunNutrition was born.

Staying fit and eating healthy have always been passions of mine.  This blog was created to help bring my knowledge and passions to others and to help EVERYONE find what lifestyle, not diet, they need to be healthy and happy.   Diets don’t last, but lifestyle changes do.  I hope that through sharing my life experiences and journey to figure out what makes me healthy and happy I can reach out to others and help them find what they are looking for.