About me

I am studying to become a holistic health counselor and hope to soon earn a personal training certificate to go along with my Drugless Health Practitioner certificate earned at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  

I grew up playing soccer, street hockey, softball, and anything else my sisters and the neighborhood kids could come up with.  I lived about 3 miles from the ocean in sunny southern California.  Every summer I would almost daily board a beach bound bus that would take about a hour to travel the 3 miles.  It was worth every second of travel time to be near the healing waters of the ocean as much as possible.

After high school I earned a cosmetology license and toiled with that for a period of time while also serving tables at various restaurants.  I eventually came to the conclusion that the hairstyling business was not for me and moved to LA to work at a high end restaurant to figure out what I really wanted to be when I grew up.  Nothing inspired me there so I decided to move a little bit further north to Salt Lake City.  It is here that I found my calling in life.  To help others find a happy healthy balance in everyday life. As amazing as this town is and as many great people I have been privileged to meet I do believe it is time for me to get back to the ocean.  Not one hundred percent sure where yet but I do have a few places in mind and will probably do a big reveal on the decision within a couple of months.   Stay tuned….


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