How about “Breast Cancer Prevention Month” instead? We are already “aware.”

Um, are we not already “aware” that breast cancer exists? I have always thought it is funny to watch what happens during this month.  Professional male athletes wear bright pink cleats showing they are “aware” of breast cancer.  People start wearing little pink ribbons showing they are “aware” of breast cancer, etc.

How about we change the name to “Breast Cancer Prevention Month” instead?

Really? What does Breast Cancer Awareness month do anyway?  Ask people to donate money to drug research companies trying to create some kind of magical pill to zap cancer cells into nothing?

Breast cancer is starting to affect women at younger and younger ages and because of this it is becoming a more aggressive cancer.  We are not going to cure it because big macho male athletes wear hot pink cleats for one month out of the year.  We are not going to cure it because we purchase an impulse item at the grocery store check out lane claiming all the proceeds go to breast cancer research.  We can, however, stop it before it starts, thus, PREVENTING it!

There is amazing research linking curtain foods to the prevention of cancer.  I could honestly go on and on about all the amazing healing benefits from so many different types of foods…but I’ll spare you and talk about just one. Mushrooms!

Here goes my attempt at contributing to what should be Breast Cancer Prevention Month:  Mushrooms have Antigen-Binding Lectins (ABL.)  What is that, you ask? ABLs bind only to abnormal cells (such as cancer cells) by recognizing a molecule on the surface of the cancer cells, which then activates the body’s defenses calling them into action against that cell to attack it. They also have angiogensis inhibitors. I know, I might as well be speaking Chinese. Angiogensis is the growth of blood vessels.  Cancer cells need blood to grow (so do fat cells, am I suggesting that these inhibitors can help keep you thin as well, yes, yes I am.) These angiogenesis inhibitors prevent abnormal cells from obtaining the blood they need to replicate and grow.

Studies have shown if a woman eats 10g of mushrooms a day (that’s only one white button mushroom!) they reduce their risk of cancer by 64%.  And guess what, you don’t have to break the bank by getting high-end expensive mushrooms (fancy food as my sister likes to call it), this study was done using plain ol’ white mushrooms.  A mixture of mushrooms does up the percentage, though, as well as eating more than 10g a day.

I know I said I was only going to talk about one type of food, but I’m on a role and just so excited about this topic.  If you throw in some onions to your daily diet that adds another 50% reduced risk of breast cancer.  You know those green smoothies I always talk about, drink a glass of that a day and that adds another 89% reduction.  Making these three things a part of your everyday diet reduces your risk of getting breast cancer by 203%!  Why doesn’t every woman in the world know this?

Moral of this story: We are the only ones responsible for our own health.  We can not rely on the hope that someone somewhere with enough money will come up with enough research to produce a magic pill to make cancer go away.


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