Buying local


Last weekend I made a trip to my local farmer’s market to get fresh produce for my weekly green smoothie making sesh.

I was so happy to see that peaches are in full season.  I have fond memories of going over to my grandma’s as a kid to pick peaches off of her peach tree.  Not only did we have a plethora of peaches for snacks while they were harvesting but she would can them for us to enjoy all year long.  Peaches played a big role in my life growing up.

Other than peaches I bought nectarines, pears, kale, beets, raspberries (raspberries are HUGE in utah. They are harvested mostly up in Bear Lake where they have a festival to celebrate) and my usually green, kale.  I decided to try something new this week by adding mustard greens, parsley, and amaranth.
To be honest I think I’m going to stick with just kale and spinach in the future.  Maybe a little parsley here and there.  The mustard greens and amaranth added a little spice and completely overwhelmed all the fruit I added.  I couldn’t taste any of the peaches, and I put A LOT of peaches in.

I’m so happy that Salt Lake has such a successful farmer’s market with a large variety of local farmers to choose from.  I wish it would last all year long!  I enjoy contributing to the local economy and participating in something that is so pro community.


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